Your application is more than a statement of intent. It deserves the highest level of personalised scrutiny by experts and attention so that it travels the distance it is supposed to. If you want personalized, insightful and most importantly actionable advice, MBAEssayNation is for you. We are a small, dynamic and highly committed team focused on nurturing only a select set of future business leaders. By doing so, we ensure consistently high quality of deliverables and help you put your best foot forward with confidence.

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Our client testimonials speak volumes about our commitment to their successes. We guide, coach and support you right from helping you conceptualize your essays to preparing for your interviews. We’ll help you accentuate your strengths, highlight key achievements and craft compelling narratives to market your candidature to the admission committees. The key is sustained perseverance to ensure the right pitch is created and delivered in a manner so as to make a lasting impression on the Adcom.

The definition of ‘ordinary’ is subjective. While we have successfully helped clients – including those who were initially sceptical about their chances – get into their dream schools, we have also seen basic criteria such as low GMAT scores resulting in rejection, despite an otherwise stellar application.

There are many variables at play here.  We can work with you to shortlist your inherent strengths.  Only after a detailed analysis of your profile, we’ll be able to give you an honest assessment of what you need to do to make it to the top schools.

We can guarantee our 100% efforts to get you into your dream school. We’ll work with you diligently to position you, through your B-School application, as a worthy candidate. When aiming for top schools with limited seats, you’ll be competing with a highly competitive set of applicants. Even with an excellent application, you may still get rejected not because your application wasn’t solid but because others might have better achievements.

As a rule, we encourage you to apply to your dream schools. This is contrary to what some consulting firms do – recommend schools they think you have a likelihood of getting into rather than your target schools. What this means is that you may be suggested schools that have a more relaxed standard when it comes to extending final admits compared to more exacting standards practiced by top ranking b-schools.

There are several reasons why we wouldn’t write your essays

    1. Admission committees at B-Schools are experts at identifying essays not written by the applicants. Your candidature is in danger from this point forward, simply because integrity and ethics are immensely valued by B-Schools and if you can’t live up to those values from the word go, or in your case, your essays and application, everything else about your profile is disregarded.
    2. Getting your essays written by others would mean you are not willing to give your 100% to the process. Essays are the first step in a long, arduous and lifechanging journey called MBA. If you can’t write your own essays, then there’s no way you can cope with the stress of writing tons of business case papers through your MBA course. In this sense, writing your essays is a great way to sharpen your writing and analytical skills.

All application consulting services must be used within 12 months of enrollment.

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Technology has indeed made the world flat. We have, in addition to emails and phone calls, the best of collaboration tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp at our disposal to do virtual meetings or discussions. These tools make it convenient for everyone to work together since we save time on traveling, instead using that time to focus on your application

We are committed to provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We have therefore, made a conscious decision to be a small and highly cohesive team. We have a rigorous selection process to ensure consistency of our personalized approach to coaching and mentoring our clients. If you’re interested to join us as a consultant, then please connect with us at

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