Data is now the preferred currency for a range of businesses. Now that corporations are sitting on tons of data, they require people to use and transform data into something useful.
The academia has also evolved in the last few years to cater to the growing need for professionals who can make sense of all that data. Big data has made an entry into curricula through MBA specializations or standalone degrees.

Here’s a list of top 5 US business schools you should consider if you wish to pursue a career in data science.

1. MIT Sloan

MIT Sloan has been offering data science for a while now. Which makes their courses more mature and strong? MIT Sloan houses some of the best minds thanks to facilities such as a globally-recognized Operations Research Center, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Initiative on Digital Economy. MIT Sloan also prides itself in being able to seamlessly combine theories with real life problems encountered by businesses.

2. Duke Fuqua

Duke Fuqua’s offers two programs for aspiring data scientists and analysts. Master in Quantitative Management (MQM) and Management Science and Technology Management certificates empower graduates to co-relate, identify insights and put information into action. Duke Fuqua also places emphasis on students being able to communicate insights and potential impact of actions.

3. Wharton

Prefers a more hands on approach to data but at the same time encourages some degree of detachment. Wharton uses real data from companies to gain access to real problems to derive algorithmic solutions. All their online courses, workshops and competitions are oriented towards giving students hands-on experience in analytics.

4. UCLA Anderson

UCLA focuses on helping future business leaders understand the power of data. Another aspect relies on deriving competitive advantage from data at a global level. Most students at Anderson come from the technology field and get placed there. Anderson, thus, offers a strong platform for business management and tech leadership to work together.

5. Yale

Yale has had a significant impact thanks to its Centre for Customer Insights’ (YCCI) Big Data projects embracing issues with far-reaching impacts. Yale has maintained a high level of focus on collaborations to improve customer experience using big data. Yale has tried to take an approach that integrates the top-down strategic frameworks with bottom-up analysis of the data.

(Photo Courtesy: Joshua Sortino on Unsplash)

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