10 Powerful Body Language Tips to Ace Your Business School Interview

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Looking for MBA interview preparation tips? Here's the thing about business school interview. It's not just narrating your achievements to the Adcom. In fact, your MBA interview is as much about your non-verbal communication as [...]

How To Present Yourself During Your MBA Interviews

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With less than an hour to go, I sat poring through the stack of applications. Impressed with the quality of the applications, I and the other interview panel members, looked forward to meeting the candidates. [...]

5 Simple Ways You Can Beat Stress And Prepare for Your MBA Interview

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(Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash) When applying to business schools, aspirants spend a lot of time on their applications. From preparing for a good GMAT score to writing strong, effective essays. With the bulk of their efforts [...]

MBA Application Rejected By Your Favorite Business School? 4 Things You Should Do

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It’s a tough journey. Weeks or months of relentless studies preparing for GMAT, then writing your essays, shaping up your application and preparing for the interviews. You’ve put in your best. Yet you experience your [...]